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      Agency cooperation

       Cooperation conditions :(annex of application form)

      1. Agents and enterprises sincerely cooperate to jointly create a good market.
      2. Agree with the business philosophy and corporate culture of hangzhou water meter, as well as the marketing model, and take the brand route.
      3. Specialized in business projects, hangzhou water meter is the main product, and other competitors' products are not allowed.
      4. Have all kinds of relevant certificates required by business, including business license, tax registration certificate, etc.
      5. Having good cooperative relations with water department, enterprises, universities and other customers is preferred.
      6. Sales in the designated area of the company shall not be made in different places for goods, goods channeling, or cross-regional sales.
      7. Willing to grow together with hangzhou water table for long-term development.
      Hot agency cooperation and consultation
      tel: 0571-86517327
      After completing the form, send it to scb2@hzsb.com together with the necessary scanned copy
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      SERVICE HOTLINE:400-108-1616

      Sales Service Center:Qingjiang Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou

      R & D Production Base:No .22,15th Street, Qiantang New District, Hangzhou



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