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            Cable Remote Water Meters

            Photoelectric direct reading wired remote  water meter (DN15-40)

            Photoelectric direct reading wired remote water meter (DN15-40)

            Coded direct reading remote water meter lxsge-bmyc (dn15-40) As the photoelectric direct reading remote water meter independently developed and produced by our company, it is the only one with invention patent in the domestic similar products, and has obtained the key support of "innovation fund" of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China. After more than ten years of improvement and upgrading, the product is stable and reliable, which is well received by users.

            Detailed Introduction

            Product application

            Water supply enterprises and high-grade buildings use tap water for one household and one meter, step-by-step water price measurement, etc.

            Product features
            ·Four digit round full true direct reading, patent technology to solve the carry blind area, strong anti-interference ability, primary and secondary data absolute synchronization.
            ·At ordinary times, no power supply is needed, only works at the moment of meter reading, overcomes the power supply problem to the greatest extent, and the electronic unit has a longer life.
            ·The counter can be vacuumized by stainless steel sealing technology to ensure that electronic components are not affected by moisture and water, and the system has high stability.
            ·Plug in interface, the chip solidifies the unique address code, no wiring is needed to install and replace the meter, so as to solve the problem that the water company cannot replace the meter.
            ·With Internet of things / wired remote transmission / wireless remote transmission / simple copy and other group forms, users can choose independently. 
            ·With remote valve control function, remote control water switch.
            ·It can be equipped with lorawan or Nb IOT wireless module of the Internet of things, without wiring through pipes, with long signal transmission distance and strong penetration.
            ·All core technologies are independently developed and successfully applied in large scale in the past 15 years, which is more trustworthy.
            ·One of the earliest enterprises in China to develop and apply photoelectric direct reading technology. 

            technical parameter
            model Nominal diameter
            Range ratio
            Overload flow
            Common flow
            Dial maximum
            Small reading
            The most distant
            Small reading
            Dial maximum
            Large reading
            LXSGE-BMYC-15 15 80 3.125 2.5 50 31.25 0.0001 1..... 9999
            100 40 25
            125 32 20
            LXSGE-BMYC-20 20 80 5 4 80 50 0.0001 1..... 9999
            100 64 40
            125 51.2 32
            LXSGE-BMYC-25 25 80 7.875 6.3 126 78.75 0.0001 1..... 9999
            LXSGE-BMYC-40 40 80 12.5 10 200 125 0.0001 1..... 9999
            1.Measurement level: Level 2
            3.Temperature class: T30 (cold water meter)
            4.Protection grade: IP65, IP68 (customized)
            5.Electromechanical conversion error: ± 1m3
            6.communication mode:M-BUS,RS485,LoRa,LoRaWAN,NB-IoT
            7.Communication baud rate: 2400 (customizable)
            8.Working pressure: ≤ 1.0MPa
            9.Installation mode: horizontal installation and vertical installation

            Installation dimension
            Installation method caliber(DN) mm long(L) mm high(H)   mm wide(B)  mm Connecting thread(D)
            Horizontal installation 15 165 118 93 G3/4B
            20 195 118 93 G1B
            25 225 125 99 G11/4B
            40 245 225 254 G2B
            Vertical installation 15 105 144 95 G3/4B
            20 105 148 95 G1B
            25 110 165 99 G11/4B


            Equipment application

            Lorawan Internet of things networking, GPRS wireless remote transmission networking, wired networking.

            Equipment features

            ·With more than 300 meters, it is suitable for most occasions and has low installation cost.
            ·It has the function of supplementary reading, which can automatically supplement reading or manually read through the platform without missing data.
            ·Automatic storage of no less than 1 month's meter reading data records for easy access.
            ·Automatic detection of line fault and timely alarm notification.
            ·It can be used for on-site meter reading and push protection, or for remote control of concentrator meter reading, so as to find faults in time.
            ·Automatically copy data and report to the server every day,

            technical parameter

            ·Static power: 2W
            ·Dynamic power: 15W
            ·Static rated current: 10mA
            ·Dynamic rated current: 70ma
            ·Rated voltage: 220VAC
            Maximum number of meters: 300

            Portable meter reader

            Equipment features

            ·Bluetooth interface, compatible with palmtop and smartphone.
            ·The battery is full and can read 6000 water meters, and the battery can be replaced. The number of meter reading is amazing.
            ·The interface is clear, the operation is convenient and the status indicator lights are abundant.
            ·Small size, light weight, easy to carry.

            technical parameter

            Working temperature - 20 ℃ - 50 ℃
            Battery capacity 2000mA * 3
            6000 meters reading
            Supporting components: rechargeable battery, charger, Bluetooth module, micro printer.


            Other supporting equipment
            Product name Product appearance Product model application Power supply Installation form Maximum number of band meters
            Junction box   JXH Bus plug connection nothing Wall hanging With 16
            Simple copy box   JCH Simple form nothing Wall hanging / embedding With 100


            SERVICE HOTLINE:400-108-1616

            Sales Service Center:Qingjiang Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou

            R & D Production Base:No .22,15th Street, Qiantang New District, Hangzhou



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